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London Shade Valance – Cut Width of Lining

QUESTION: I’m trying to make a London Shade.  I have material for a blackout lining.   I’m confused about to piece the lining to the shade.  According to your formula I cut the blackout lining fabric to a significantly smaller size than the curtain fabric.  The directions say to sew the edges together but the sizes are so different(see first email) I’m not sure how it will work.  My question is should the blackout lining be the same size as the curtain fabric?  If not can you explain how I sew the lining to the curtain fabric? I’m wondering if I use an interlining in addition to the blackout lining?  Is Chapter 6 only applicable to the interlining?  Because according to your measurement formula I have a fabric piece that measures 78×51 and a lining that measures 50×51.

Jenny T. ANSWERS: You should not interline AND blackout. It’s way too thick. You can, of course. Just prepare yourself for a very heavy shade.

I see the confusion.

To reduce bulk within the pleats, I believe that’s the reason I wrote it this way. It’s been so long, that I can’t remember why I did this.

So, it’s ok.

The easiest thing to do, will be to pleat your fabric first. Pin the pleats in place up and down your fabric. Then sew the fabric to the lining. Your lining will be flat along the back with no pleats.
This is a cleaner and more professional finish, but admittedly kind of a pain.

If you have lining to spare, the easier way is cut the lining the same width as the face fabric LESS 3″. This will fold the face fabric to the back of the shade for a nicer side view.

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