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Adding the satin trim – Sewing A Box Pleat Valance With A Curved Bottom Edge Comments (0)

QUESTION: I have just purchased Sewing A Box Pleat Valance With A Curved Bottom Edge.  The picture on the web wage has a satiny fabric trim- but it isn’t mentioned in the instructions.  Can you give me some advice on on how to do that?  should i create a strip with the same curve shape … [View Details]

Box Pleat Valance Pattern – Exact Measurements Needed Comments (0)

QUESTION: I just bought your design for making the boxpleat valance with the rounded bottom.  I’m excited- they’re so pretty. Here’s my problem- I don’t understand first how much lining to get and second how to cut them out. This is what I’m trying to do.  I want to use some old curtain panels for … [View Details]

London Shade Valance – Cut Width of Lining Comments (0)

QUESTION: I’m trying to make a London Shade.  I have material for a blackout lining.   I’m confused about to piece the lining to the shade.  According to your formula I cut the blackout lining fabric to a significantly smaller size than the curtain fabric.  The directions say to sew the edges together but the sizes … [View Details]