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Box Pleat Valance Pattern – Exact Measurements Needed

QUESTION: I just bought your design for making the boxpleat valance with the rounded bottom.  I’m excited- they’re so pretty.
Here’s my problem- I don’t understand first how much lining to get and second how to cut them out.
This is what I’m trying to do.  I want to use some old curtain panels for the face of them (they’re the perfect color and style plus I’ll
save a few bucks- though I may have to piece them).  The size of the 2 windows I want to do are very different- one is huge  and one is not.
The measurements of the windows are: 96″ width and 46″ high  and the other is 35″ width and 59″ high
I have four panels of fabric to use:  81.5″ long by 39.5″ wide.   Will using them work for my curtains?

Can you give me the exact measurements to cut both curtains based on the size of the windows?  I assume the lining would be exactly the same measurements, right?  And any extra info on cutting them would be

Thanks so much,

Jenny T. ANSWERS: To keep the look of your windows consistent, I would try to make the valances the same height.

In fact, if you can install them at the same height, even better. It will give the shorter window the illusion it’s the same size as the taller window.

I would recommend 18″ to 20″ for the finished length.

You didn’t mention the board size you plan on using. When you install the board, the distance from the front edge of the board to the wall is the return. You’ll need this measurement.

The finished panel width (FPW) for the 96″ width = 96 + 48 + return + return.

The finished panel width (FPW) for the 35″ width = 35 + 18 + return + return.

The FPW is the sewn panel width before pleating.

For the 96″ wide window, you will need a piece of fabric that is FPW + 1″ wide

and 20″ + 1/2″ + return

Cut the lining the same.

For the 35″ wide window, you will need a piece of fabric that is FPW + 1″ wide

and 20″ + 1/2″ + return

Cut the lining the same.

So, you have these curtains. The easiest thing to do will be to trim off the hemmed edges. You’ll need to do this to line the fabric.

One panel will work for the smaller window.

You’ll need to piece to panels together for the larger one.

I’m assuming you will be turning the curtains sideways to take advantage of the length.

I hope this helps!

Jenny T.


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