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Adding the satin trim – Sewing A Box Pleat Valance With A Curved Bottom Edge

QUESTION: I have just purchased Sewing A Box Pleat Valance With A Curved Bottom Edge.  The picture on the web wage has a satiny fabric trim- but it isn’t mentioned in the instructions.  Can you give me some advice on on how to do that?  should i create a strip with the same curve shape as the valence, and then attach it?  or can it be a straight piece?  Im worried a straight piece might pucker up at the curve.

Jenny T. ANSWERS: I’m glad you asked! :-)

It’s easy!

You’ll need strips of fabric cut on the bias.
Cutting on the bias means to cut your fabric at a 45 degree angle, instead straight up or across on the grain.
This bias cut allows the fabric to magically become bendable.

You’ll first need to decide how wide you want the finished trim to be. I like 1″, but I can see how 2 inches or even just 1/2 inch would be nice too.
So, for your finished width, lets call this FW. So, for my trim, FW = 1 inch

The cut width of the strip should twice FW plus 1″. So, for my example the strip should be 3″.

You’ll need the strip to be as long as the cut width of your fabric. You’ll likely need to piece multiple strips together to get to this length.
When you’re done, you’ll have a long strip of fabric that is 3″ wide by the full cut width of your fabric.

Fold the ends in 1/2″ and press.
Fold this strip in half length wise, so that the right side is facing out and press well with an iron. The strip will now only be 11/2 inch thick.

Starting at Chapter 7, step 7.
You will sew the side seams first. NOT the bottom seam yet.
Now, slide the strip in between the lining and fabric. You’ll want the raw edges pointing out and aligning with the valances raw edges. Butt one folded end up against one side seam. Pin the strip along the bottom edge.The strip may seem to bunch up in sharper turns. This is normal.
The strip may be too long. This is also normal. Leave it for now. If it is a little too short, unfold the end a little bit.

Starting on the first end, sew a 1/2″ seam along the bottom edge.
When you reach the end, adjust the folded end of the strip to butt up close to the side seam.

Continue with the instructions.

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